Agricultural Products

Perfect combination of fish rich extract that enhances plant growth by providing rich soil fertility. Eco-friendly and biodegradable product that increases microbial activity in the soil.

   Natural Fish Fertilizer / Protein Rich / Organic Manure


Natural Fish Fertilizer / Protein Rich / Organic Manure

Fish and fish parts since a long time have been a source of much-needed nutrients and minerals to soil, soil microbes, and plants. Fer3lizer is a first rate product for promoting plant growth. High nitrogen content in this organic product helps plants to grow faster, and is a very well suited food for microbes. The nutrients in this fertilizer get activated rapidly and are therefore available from the early stages of growth of plants. Leaves are best benefited from the high nitrogen content and therefore are perfect for boosting growth of leafy vegetables. The importance of fertilizers is fairly understood in the agricultural industry. What makes the fish based fertilizers unique and potent is the high presence of the nutrients like N, P, K and micro nutrients which are absorbed from the soil during the varying frequency of crop harvesting. It is suitable for all types of crops including vegetables, fruits, flowering plants, indoor plants etc.


  Most suited for plant growth

  Excellent food for microbes

  Rich N-P-K Content

  Chemical Free

  Pure Organic Content

  Protein Rich


  Eco Friendly

Nutritional Value / Ingredients / Composition

  Protein - 30% min

  Moisture - 30%

  Sand - 15%t

  Fat - 15%

  Ash - 10%

Uses / Daily Dosage

Prepare for one time usage. Do not store mild fertilizer for later use. Mix 3 tablespoons of fish fertilizer to 1 gallon of water. Then water the plants and spray on the leaves. Use in compost to boost fungal growth. Use at ¼ strength for this application (½ tbsp per gal.) Mix in water when watering plants, as a natural fish fertilizer to enhance the populations of microorganisms in the soil and to boost fungus growth. Recommended to use twice a week for best plant growth.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not take internally.


HerbAid3, is an organic fungicide and insecticide, prepared from fish oil. Aphids, citrus rush mite, spider mites, leaf miner, leaf roller, mealy bugs, psyllids, thrips and armored scale infestation can be easily controlled by Fish Oil's killing properties. For effective results, fish oil must be sprayed directly on the insect or mite pesticides.