Commitment to Quality

Adherence to the finest global standards in processes including production and transportation.


Refined Knowledge

Expertise gained through years of exigent research and development satiating all your prerequisite needs.


Superior Team-work

Fuelled by the passion to generate products ,for animals, agriculture and industries, that are tout naturel.


Bio-degradable products

Products that are solely made of fish oil and fish meal, so that nature can be preserved in it’s pristine form.



We provide the best quality products ensuring that the best global standards are maintained

Get a Franchise

In our pursuit for expanding our services and market-reach, we have achieved milestones by developing in-house products such as Fish3Oil - the best quality fish oil supplement for pets and Fer3lizer – a state-of-the-art fish-rich fertilizer for boosting plant growth through evolved B2B expertise into the end-user space.Get in touch with us to know how you can get involved in the distribution process of these two products.